Meet our members

Dan - Cairo
Dan and “Cairo” (Medicine Hat): Cairo lives to work and is always ready to go weather in training or on an actual search. Cairo works for her toy reward and loves to play tug of war.

Dan and “Nakita” (Calgary): Dan and Nakita from Calgary after certification with the RCMP

Nathan and “Took” (Calgary): Nathan and Took have been involved with Search & Rescue since the beginning of 2014; in Fall 2014, Team Took joined the CSDA and in Fall 2015 they passed their First Year Certification Together. Took was adopted from an animal shelter at a very young age and K9 SAR has been his primary focus. Both Nathan and Took spend a huge amount of time in the mountains and bush – playing and preparing to be used at a moment’s notice.

Jude and “Nash” (Edmonton): Four year old German Shepherd Nash will do anything and everything for his ball or a non-stop game of tug. So it is no surprise that he becomes excited when “it’s time to work”. He endlessly seeks the lost person, piece of evidence, or cadaver material so he can enjoy his reward of a tossed ball or a game of tug. When not working Nash enjoys swimming, walking in the woods, playing with his two Belgian Shepherd sisters and snoozing on the couch.

sniperJaneal and “Sniper” (Southern Region): In 2012, at 16 months old, Sniper certified in wilderness and article searches. He has also been working hard to learn small articles, HR search and how to enjoy swimming. Janeal has had to work very hard to keep up with Sniper and is constantly amazed at his desire to work whenever asked. His favorite toys are tennis balls, which he is not allowed to have but finds at the park on every walk, and his chuck-it tug. Dragging Janeal to the dog cookie jar is his favourite activity when ‘relaxing’.

Andy & “Harper” (Calgary): Harper was three months old when Andy brought him home from the animal shelter. Andy has been involved with Search and Rescue since 2011 and is proud to have Harper as his partner. Harper and Andy have a lot of wilderness and survival experience; they often spend their weekends out in the mountains hiking and back-country camping. If they are not out in the wilderness, you can find them at home in Cochrane training (which is really just playing) or going for a run together.

Larry and “Halo” (Edmonton)

Amanda and “Blaze” (Edmonton): Amanda and Blaze from Edmonton after certification with the RCMP

Phil and “Dharma” (Edmonton):Phil and “Dharma” (Edmonton): Dharma was the last dog left in her litter when Phil came calling.  The breeder reflected: “I don’t know why no one’s selected her.  I think she’d make a good search and rescue dog.”   She was correct.   That idea took root and Dharma and Phil–with a lot of support and guidance from the Edmonton crew–became a certified team a few months before Dharma’s second birthday.  They love getting out and training and playing–what’s the difference?

Team navi Wade and “Navi” (Slave Lake): Navi, short for Navigator, is a female Border Collie who’s small in comparison to her Shepherd search colleagues. She certified in the fall of 2013 at 19 months old. Navi is toy motivated & loves to either play fetch or tug of war. She shares a home with another Border Collie and a Pointer mix who keep her busy chasing and playing all day. When the search vest comes out Navi shows her high drive and will do whatever task she’s assigned. She loves people and wants to sit in your lap instead of sitting beside you

Nancy and TayaNancy and “Taya” (Edmonton):

  Paul and “Kinjo” (Medicine Hat): Kinjo’s nickname is the black tornado. She lives to work and is very fast. Her favourite toy is a tennis ball which she will do anything for. She constantly ranges quite a distance when working so she is whistle trained also for easier control at distance, but also enjoys looking for small evidence in a confined area. Kinjo love to swim and would play in the water all day given the chance.

  Judy and “Dugan” (Edmonton): Judy and Dugan from Edmonton after certification with the RCMP





  Dawn and “Ana” (Edmonton): Dawn and Ana from Edmonton after certification with the RCMP