Slave Lake Mock Search

With the report of a downed aircraft in heavy bush and forest, 4 helicopters, 2 fixed wing aircraft, 3 boats, approximately 30 quads and 110 personnel responded to a call for assistance to rescue the 15 passengers and crew.  The disaster scenario tested the readiness of many agencies including Slave Lake Regional Fire Services, RCMP, Environmental and Sustainable Resource Development (Fish and Wildlife, Lands and Forest), Slave Lake Regional SAR, Edmonton Regional SAR, local aviation companies and of course the CSDA.  The months of planning were obvious, and readiness was verified as all souls on board were located and evacuated from an actual remote aircraft crash site.  The day was a testament to the professionalism of all those who participated. And the food, …food ….and more food at the wind up bbq featuring roast pig, chicken and ribs…..fantastic!

Teams Mission, Blue and Tango were fortunate to participate on behalf of CSDA.  The teams cleared their assigned search areas and gained valuable experience operating in thick bush and deep forest environments.  Many thanks to Remote Helicopters for the helicopter orientation and flight for Tango and Blue, a non-event for the dogs, but the handlers were really excited about the air time.

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